Running With The Cory: Tips for Training With A Toddler

It starts out with the best of intentions. You’re watching Letterkenny on your couch in January and there’s 17 feet of snow outside.

After your 7th episode and 2nd bag of Cheetos, the reality of the situation hits you: You need to do something. Not right then and there, but something in the future. Something active.

“Hey, I know. I’ll sign up for a race this Spring. I’ve got four months to train! I can totally do that.”

Fast forward four months later. The race is just days away and you haven’t trained.

No worries. Get yourself a toddler.

If you’re not into watching 6 minute videos, here’s a version that was edited for time to air on TV.

Thanks to my brother Marshall for helping me shoot it. My son for putting up with it. And Van Halen for not getting mad (hopefully) that I used a few seconds of their awesome song.

Happy running, everyone! Love you!

RUNNING WITH CORY: Stroller Edition

The sun actually came out yesterday and Bloomsday is this weekend, which means it’s officially running season. I’ve been trying to run all winter, which just seemed to end two weeks ago, and it’s been ok, but there’s nothing like spring and summertime running in the Inland Northwest.

Last year, I thought I’d share a few tips with you that are absolutely guaranteed to make you a better runner. In case you missed them, here they are:

While these tips are still a staple of any good runner and a daily part of my cheetah-like regimen, there is one major change coming my way this year that will be a bit of an adjustment: A kid.

But just because you have a kid, doesn’t mean your running needs to suffer. Here are 6 tips for runners who want to still get radical, but need to find a way to incorporate a stroller into their running gnarliness.

Enjoy, everyone and remember, “Lots of Miles, No Big Deal.”

And just for giggles, here’s a video I made running with the Flying Irish in Spokane last year:


If you’re like me, you hate running. Does anyone really enjoy it? Plenty of people will tell you they do, but they are lying. I’ve been doing it for years now and still haven’t had the epiphany of “Man, I really enjoy moving my legs quicker than normal for an extended period of time for absolutely no reason!”

So why do I run?

Simple. If I didn’t run, I’d turn into a fat pig and my hot wife wouldn’t appreciate that. That and my dad died of a heart attack, so I want to take care of that thing. I also love music and it’s a great opportunity to get to listen to some rad tunes.

Those reasons aside, there are ways to make running tolerable, dare I say… enjoyable?

As I said, I’ve been running for many years now. When I was in 5th grade I nearly came in 9th place in the Latah Lentil Fun Run. So you could say I know what I’m talking about. So here are my 6 tips that will guarantee you have the best, most enjoyable runs of your life, while staying 100% injury free.

You’re welcome.

COFFEE WITH CORY: Running With The Flying Irish

If you’re going to run Bloomsday, or just run in Spokane at all, joining The Flying Irish is a must!

Join them for a 3-4 mile run every Thursday night at 6:00pm (Usually at Ripples Riverside Lounge on N. Division), and then stick around and have a beer afterwards!

On your 6th run, you get to stand up in front of everyone and tell an Irish-themed joke. After that you are officially inducted and get your Flying Irish shirt!