Tom Arnold Interview

Actor, comedian, writer and black shirt enthusiast Tom Arnold is in Spokane this weekend performing at the Spokane Comedy Club.

He stopped by Good Day just in the nick of time for an interview. We only had a few minutes, but it was action-packed!

“Yeah Dude, I Rock!” My Interview With Steve-O from Jackass

Steve-O from Jackass stopped by Good Day while Steve-O continues his Bucket List Tour. I could’ve chatted with this guy for hours, but we unfortunately only had about 4 minutes. Incredibly nice man. Check out his tour if you can!

Interview with Comedy Greats Horatio Sanz and John Michael Higgins

Two guys who have been making me laugh for years and years agreed to (kinda) lend me a few minutes of their time this morning to give me a “I’m not worthy” moment… and of course talk about the season two premiere of their show on NBC, Great News.

After the interview was over, I heard Horatio say “I like that guy… he did his homework,” and John say “And he actually enjoys our work, the poor son of a bitch.”

Such an honor.