VIDEO: Ping Pong To The Face, Because… Why Not?

That’s all this is. A gratuitous shot of my co-worker Luke getting smacked in the face by a ping pong ball I sent hurling toward him at what looked and felt like at least 400 miles per hour.

Last year we got a ping pong table at work. It was all the rage for the whole building. We even had a summer tournament. I was knocked out in the first round, but to be fair, I was playing as Macho Man Randy Savage, not myself. Here’s my smack talk tweet I sent to the man who knocked me out.

Anyway, the appeal of it wore off for the rest of the building, except for four of us. Myself, Producer Luke, and the two IT guys Jeremy and Clint. We play doubles. Every day. And while Jeremy and Clint were always great, Luke and I are catching up.

With the exception of my slams. I got a wicked overhand that lands about 11% of the time. The other 89% usually involves the ball rocketing off my paddle and hitting Clint and/or Luke at the speed of sound.

It began to happen so frequently that we decided we should film it. And the first time we pressed record, we hit gold.

A shot off my paddle straight to Luke’s face.

And of course, Clint slowed it down and put some appropriate music under it.


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