Turkeys: Creepy or stupid?

Look, I have nothing against turkeys. They have it really hard.

They are the peacock’s ugly cousin.

The skin on their heads look like shriveled old… nevermind.

And of course the obvious predicament… they are the favorite food of millions of Americans every holiday season.

They’ve got a lot to overcome. We have at least one wild flock that lives inside the city limits of Spokane and every now and then I come across them on Lincoln next to Benedito’s. They stand in the middle of the road and don’t give a single damn about oncoming traffic. For a bird that is so delicious, they certainly are ballsy (not just because of the skin on their heads). I can literally lay on my horn to try and get them to move out of the road and they’ll just casually go about their business. Ballsy or stupid? Both.

But some footage shot in Massachusetts last week shows that their stupidity can also lead to some pretty creepy behavior. Take a look.


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