Happy Valentine’s Day!

It seems like you either land on the “love” or “hate” side of the Valentine’s Day spectrum.

I don’t believe that opinion is based solely on whether you have a significant other or not. You can have a significant other and despise the day. There’s so much pressure to get something good, while not being too cheesy or hokey, yet still making sure it has some sort of emotional thought behind it.

If you don’t have a significant other, you can either spend the day dwelling on that or celebrating that. When I was a single man, I believe I dwelled on it under the guise of celebration. It was complicated.

But now I have a wife (a lovely, magnificent, beautiful, kind, caring woman who puts up with me) and what’s even better, this year we agreed not to get anything for each other. We agreed money was better spent on other things we need. Although now that I’m typing this, I only have thought pounding in my head like a horrible EDM jam that gets faster and faster as the bass is about to drop and then… It hits me:


Great. Guess I better stop by and grab some flowers or something on my way home.

Anyway, this morning on Good Day, I was let out of the studio to go hand out roses at a local coffee shop. I make fun of The Bachelor all the time, but this morning I got to feel what many other men on the show have felt as they handed out roses (minus the 20+ women aggressively competing for my affection in a desperate attempt to find fake love on a scripted reality TV show). It was scary.

Here you go:

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