Sure they’re hiring, but does Taco Time REALLY want to hire Johnny Manziel?

taco timeIt’s been a tumultuous offseason for Johnny Manziel. The man dubbed “Johnny Football” was released by the Cleveland Browns earlier this year, and so far, he’s still a quarterback without a job. But a few Taco Time restaurants here in Spokane are getting some national attention for their generous offer to the once-promising quarterback.

Taco Time restaurants all over the Spokane area have “Johnny Manziel We’re Hiring” up on their marquees, just in case the quarterback is in the area and has his resume handy. I understand they are simply letting Manziel know that they are hiring and not officially offering a job, but while I’m not a hiring manager, I’m not sure Manziel would be an ideal candidate. Here are some things to consider Taco Time:

1.) He could be in jail. Although it is unclear how Manziel’s upcoming legal troubles will hinder his ability to get hired on with the food chain. Manziel will be indicted on Tuesday on allegations he attacked his ex-girlfriend in January. The misdemeanor charge carries a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. You can’t come make delicious food if you’re in jail, Johnny.

2.) Reliability. Manziel certainly showed some promise during a game or two this past NFL season (a low standard for Cleveland quarterbacks) and the once-third string QB was even named the starter for the remainder of the season. However, he lost his starting job and not because he wasn’t playing well, but because of his off-field antics. Johnny could start at an entry-level position at Taco Time, but I worry the slightest success or promotion would immediately cause reliability issues. Lord help the Taco Time manager who gives him an employee of the month nod, right?

3.) Immaturity. Look, I understand being young and wanting to have fun, but when you’re told time and time again to cut out the partying because your job relies on it and you still insist on getting drunk (allegedly) while letting anyone with a cell phone film it, you’ve got some growing up to do. I imagine the good people at Taco Time are going to want someone who takes their job seriously, and based on his career path in the NFL, Johnny does not take his job seriously.

Do what you want Taco Time, but if you ask me, you might want to raise your standards beyond young Johnny.

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